Mozilla Testing Three Features of Firefox

Mozilla engineers are testing 3 new options known as Containers, SnoozeTabs, and Pulse, which, if users react completely, may notice their approach within Firefox, in forthcoming versions. All 3 are a part of airplane pilot, a Mozilla program that permits users to check experimental options by putting in a special add-on. The airplane pilot add-on then lets users to pick that of 7 options to check. Besides Containers, SnoozeTabs, and Pulse, the program conjointly includes Min Vid, Page Shot, Activity Stream, and Tab Center. Most of those options are launched throughout 2016.

Mozilla Testing Three Features of Firefox

Snooze Tabs

The first of the 3 new options launched in 2017 is named Snooze Tabs associated is an add-on which will permit users to send tabs to the longer term. By “future” we tend to mean that users are ready to click a button in Firefox and “snooze” a tab for an amount of your time. Once elite, the tab can disappear and appear when the snoozing amount has invalid. In different words, it’s similar to the Pocket add-on, permitting users to save lots of links, however tabs jump back in your face when a counting timer expires.

Mozilla has been acting on SnoozeTabs for a minimum of 2 years, with an early draft of this feature egress back in August 2015, associated via an add-on that was offered for internal testing.


The second experimental feature is named Pulse and may be a tool that almost all seemingly will not be enclosed in Firefox. We say this as a result of Pulse lets users rate however websites load and behave in Firefox, knowledge that is shipped back to Firefox engineers.

Pulse feels like a feature you’d expect to check in Firefox Nightly or Developer editions, instead of the stable Firefox cut, because it helps Firefox engineers perceive however Firefox works, instead of delivery something useful to finish users.


The third and last Firefox feature is called Containers, antecedently conjointly called instrumentation Tabs, a feature that’s conjointly offered with Firefox Nightly since version 50. Also launched as an airplane pilot experiment, Containers permits users to launch tabs in separate “containers,” every with its own information for storing cookies, browsing cache, indexedDB, and localStorage knowledge. Data shared among the containers includes bookmarks, the browsing history, saved passwords, saved searches, form data, permissions, certificates, HSTS flags, and OCSP responses. Do not forget! So as to activate these hidden options, you want to 1st install the airplane pilot Firefox add-on, then choose that options you would like to check.

From the point in time, the feature can support four separate containers: Personal, Work, Finance, and searching. The names of those containers do not mean something, as they need constant level of separation and privacy, and are there simply to guide users and zip a lot of. A hidden feature of Firefox Containers is that you just will use them to log into constant websites with four completely different credentials, a special one for every instrumentation. If you’re having a tough time grasping what containers are, imagine them as separate “browsing sessions” that exist within the same browser, or four personal Browsing modes, however while not privacy protections.